What We Do & How We Do It

The Anointed Harvesters (AH) is a Chicagoland-based 501c3 nonprofit arts organization whose mission is to empower, inspire and uplift the communities of the world through the arts. Using film, music videos, stageplays and workshops, we focus on inspiring individuals to make positive life choices. To motivate the human community to live its best life by creatively depicting the ills of society that are common among all people, and then offering positive solutions that have the power to inspire change is our ultimate mission.

Primary Goals
  • To give voice to enriching stories and positive images via film, video and stage.  And to support other like-minded artists in the same pursuit both creatively, technically, and financially.
  • To encourage the next generation to develop their artistic gifts, with the goals of increasing self-esteem, confidence, discipline, social skills, and learning abilities.
  • Provide quality opportunities to work in the arts which will enrich individuals and the community at large, encouraging creative, spiritual, psychological and economic development.