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Thank you for supporting AH! We are committed to the production of family friendly, positive, entertaining projects. This includes feature films, television shows, internet content and original stageplays that encourage and inspire individuals, especially our youth, to make wise life choices, as well as provide economic development to improve the quality of life in all of our communities and career opportunities in this industry to those who may not otherwise be able to get a break. We understand it takes a team to accomplish these goals. We offer you the opportunity to partner and grow with The Anointed Harvesters in this exciting adventure of changing lives through the arts!We are currently raising funds specifically for the following:
1. The Falls Web Series Season 1: Goal $7,000.
2.  The Anointed Harvesters Scholarship for the Arts: Goal $1,000
*Will be awarded at the October 18th Dinner with AH.
You’re welcome to make a single tax-deductible contribution to The Anointed Harvesters or we would love to have you in partnership with us on an on-going basis. Make your donation today.

Thank you for your support!